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D GRS Commands

The GRS display command can be used to display MVS resource contention information. Useful forms of this command include:
display enqueue contention. Possible responses are:
D GRS,RES=(qname,rname)
display the use of a given resource. For example, D GRS,RES=(SYSDSN,SYS1.HELP) would display allocations to dataset SYS1.HELP. You can use * for either rname or qname, but you should be careful with the use of * as you can easily generate an excessive amount of console output.

Sample output:

S=SYSTEM SYSDSN SYS1.HELP SYSNAME JOBNAME ASID TCBADDR EXC/SHR STATUS SYSX TSOUSERA 0060 009FDE88 SHARE OWN SYSX TSOUSERB 0050 009FBE88 SHARE OWN There are two users making shared use of this resource. No one is waiting.

The value in the EXC/SHR field will be either SHARE or EXCLUSIVE. The value in the STATUS field will usually be either OWN or WAIT.

D GRS,DEV=devnum
displays reserves for the given device unit number.


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