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Job Cards for Started Tasks

Some time around MVS/ESA V5.1, IBM introduced job card support for started tasks. To use this feature, the started task JCL must reside in a dataset specified in either the IEFJOBS or IEFPDSI DD statements of the master scheduler JCL (MSTJCLxx PARMLIB member). Refer to "MVS Initialization and Tuning Reference" for some suggestions on how to set this up.

For the purpose of the following examples, I will presume that a separate IEFJOBS dataset has been allocated.

Adding Accounting Information

A typical member in IEFJOBS could look like this: //JES2 JOB (8022,BX00) **** JOB CARD SUPPORT //IEFPROC EXEC JES2 The JCL for JES2 will be picked up from the IEFPDSI concatenation. The resulting started task JCL could look something like: //JES2 JOB (8022,BX00), // MSGLEVEL=1 //IEFPROC EXEC JES2 At this point, we have added some accounting information to the started task.

Additional Features

Now, you are able to add other features to the started task JCL. For instance, say you wished to change the output characteristics for the started task. You could do something like this: //INIT JOB (8024,BX00) **** JOB CARD SUPPORT //DFLT OUTPUT JESDS=ALL,CLASS=Z //IEFPROC EXEC INIT So this started task can have a different sysout class than others. Another new capability is getting the started task JCL from somewhere else: //TAPEINI JOB (8100,BX01) **** JOB CARD SUPPORT //STCJCL JCLLIB ORDER=(TAPELIB.STCJCL) //TPINIT EXEC TAPEINI The JCL for TAPEINI will be picked up from TAPELIB.STCJCL.


If you specify the PARM option on the MVS START command; for example,

S JES2,PARM='WARM,NOREQ' the specified PARM value will not be used if you are using job cards. An alternative method of accomplishing the same result, is to set up a symbolic parameter PRM in the PROC for JES2 which will be substituted into the PARM value of the EXEC statement and use the command S JES2,PRM='WARM,NOREQ' instead. Your JES2 PROC (in IEFPDSI) would look like: //JES2 PROC PRM='WARM,NOREQ' //IEFPROC EXEC PGM=HASJES20,PARM='&PRM', ..... etc ....

If a job card member is not present in the IEFJOBS dataset, then the started task JCL will be built and work as before.

I have only scratched the surface on this subject. Refer to the chapter on "Started Tasks" in "MVS JCL Reference" for more information. Go to the links page to find OS/390 books on the Web.


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