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Displaying MVS Modules

The D PROG,LPA command can be used to retrieve information about modules in the link pack area. For example, the command D PROG,LPA,MOD=ISFLPA might produce the result: D PROG,LPA,MOD=ISFLPA CSV550I 09.59.40 LPA DISPLAY FLAGS MODULE ENTRY PT LOAD PT LENGTH DIAG P ISFLPA 843A1A88 043A1A88 00000578 0815A408 which would tell you the location and size of this LPA module.

The D PROG,EXIT command can be used to display system exit points associated with a given module. For instance, to find out about a local IEFACTRT module, the command D PROG,EXIT,MOD=MYACTRT could be used:

D PROG,EXIT,MOD=MYACTRT CSV462I 10.05.18 PROG,EXIT DISPLAY MODULE MYACTRT EXIT(S) SYS.IEFACTRT To retrieve more detailed information, the exit point information can be displayed, for instance D PROG,EXIT,EN=SYS.IEFACTRT,DIAG might prooduce this result: D PROG,EXIT,EN=SYS.IEFACTRT,DIAG CSV464I 10.04.00 PROG,EXIT DISPLAY EXIT SYS.IEFACTRT MODULE STATE EPADDR LOADPT LENGTH JOBNAME IEFACTRT A 87F394E8 07F394E8 00001B18 * MYACTRT A 8803C0D8 0803C0D8 00000608 * which tells us that there are two exit modules and displays the attributes of each.

On OS/390 V2R5 and up, another method of finding out information about modules is the sparsely-documented ISRDDN command. From ISPF, enter ISRDDN which will display the currently-allocated datasets. Now, enter the command SELECT ISFLPA. ISRDDN invokes the CSVQUERY service and displays the attributes of that module if it can be found in the link pack area, Linklist or the job pack area. For more information about ISRDDN, see Using ISRDDN to Work with Allocated Files or press the HELP key after invoking ISRDDN.


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