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FTP Access to OS/390

In some situations, the FTP server may be operational in situations where TSO is not operational. FTP can be used to access files, submit batch jobs or check job status.

For file access, FTP allows you to

JES Access

FTP can be used to submit batch jobs. (See Submitting Batch Jobs from non-MVS Systems). On versions of OS/390 before V2R9, if you wished to retrieve job output, jobs had to begin with your userid. FTP now supports JESINTERFACELEVEL 2, which allows you to filter jobs using parameters If JES interface level 2 is enabled, you can display the status of batch jobs, TSO users or started tasks by setting these filters appropriately and issuing the DIR command. The command QUOTE STAT can be used to determine the JES interface level. Maximum return code information can also be retrieved once JES2 has been $ACTIVATEd.

FTP also allows you to cancel jobs (DELE command) or retrieve their output (GET command) for authorized users. While you are in FILETYPE JES mode, you use the jobid to identify the job, TSO user or started task. Because interface level 2 uses a different interface to JES, you can also retrieve ready output as well as held output.


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