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SMP/E API Revisited

A while back, an example was provided here of a C program demonstrating the SMP/E API. See SMP/E API.

Here is a link to the same program (more or less) in assembler language SMPAPI.

You can use it in much the same way. Here is sample JCL:

//SCAN EXEC PGM=SMPAPI,REGION=6M //STEPLIB DD DISP=SHR,DSN=steplib //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * CSI=GLOBAL.CSI ZONE=GLOBAL ENTRY=SYSMOD SUBENTRY=MOD FILTER=SMODTYPE='PTF' & APPLY = 'NO' & SUPING = 'AR37611'; // Note that the terminating character for CSI, ZONE, ENTRY and SUBENTRY (note the change from SUBENT in the C version) is a blank. A semi-colon is still used to indicate the end of a filter value. You can split the filter value over multiple lines in the same way as for the C version.

Note that the assembler code uses the SRST instruction (Logical String Assist).

Refer to the back issue for more information about using the SMP/E API.

Note: The source was updated in March 2006 to address a problem with continued FILTER statements.


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