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Using the NETSTAT Command

The TSO NETSTAT command or the onetstat shell command can be used to report information about TCP/IP sessions. Here are some examples:
display by IP address
NETSTAT TELNET (IPA 208.* will show telnet sessions where the IP address of either the client or the server is of the form 208.nn.nn.nn
by client
NETSTAT CONN (CLI FSS* will show all active connections to jobs beginning with FSS
by application name
NETSTAT TELNET (CLI OM* will show all telnet sessions to VTAM applications starting with OM
by LU name
NETSTAT TELNET (LUN TCP* will show all telnet sessions to VTAM LUs starting with TCP
The REPORT option may be specified to store the result in a dataset named 'userid.NETSTAT.option' where option is the first parameter to the NETSTAT command. The STACK option may be specified to make the result of the NETSTAT command available for use by REXX or a CLIST; this option is not supported in an ISPF environment.


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