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FTP DDname Support

The z/OS FTP client supports accessing a local file using a pre-allocated DDNAME. The syntax used is //DD:ddname where ddname is the associated DDNAME. For example, PUT //DD:SYSUT1 remote.file would copy records from the dataset associated with DDNAME SYSUT1. This allows you, for example, to override DCB attributes for a dataset by specifying them on the DD statement. By specifying RECFM=U on the DD statement, you can force FTP to process blocks rather than records, for example.

It also allows some types of dataset not normally supported by FTP to be processed. For example, records can be copied from a VSAM dataset using this method. This feature of FTP relies on support in the C fopen library routine for accessing files via DDNAME.

You can also retrieve records from a remote host:

GET remote.file //DD:SYSUT2

This trick is based on a discussion of this topic on the IBM-Main newsgroup.


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