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Removal of 1-byte console IDs

Support for 1-byte console IDs is being removed from z/OS:

Console ID Tracking Facility

Parmlib member CNIDTRxx and the SETCON TRACKING command are used to enable tracking. The command D OPDATA,TRACKING displays information captured by the tracking facility.

IBM supplies an exclusion list for vendors who have not yet resolved issues related to the use of 1-byte console IDs on the download page at

System Commands

IBM recommends that console names be used in system commands rather than console IDs. All consoles should be assigned names.

Earlier changes to console processing

The console restructuring available with z/OS 1.4 and incorporated into z/OS 1.5 and later releases also introduced some changes. For example, the R= option of the CONTROL Q command, which allowed backlogged messages to be rerouted to another console or to hardcopy was removed. Note that, on earlier releases, messages were not sent to hardcopy if they had not been displayed to a real console, so some messages could have been lost without the use of the K Q,R=HC command.


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