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Moving data between z/OS & Windows

Sometimes, it may be desirable to trim trailing blanks from data which has been cut from a terminal emulator window before pasting it into a Windows application. The VBScript file here can be used from Windows to trim trailing blanks from the data in the clipboard.

Depending on which terminal emulator you use, it may be necessary to add line breaks to text originating from a Windows application before pasting it into an ISPF EDIT session. The VBScript file here can be used to split the data in the clipboard at a specified width while respecting any line breaks which might already be present.

The above files should be saved on your Windows machine and renamed to a file name ending with .vbs . These scripts can be invoked from a Windows command prompt.

Windows Executables

I have added Windows files that will produce similar results to the VBScripts above: Download the .bxe files and rename, replacing the .bxe qualifier with .exe.


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