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Submitting JCL from non-MVS Systems

The procedure described works with IBM's TCP/IP. There may be some differences in how other products work:
  1. Enter ftp mvs host name
  2. You should be prompted for a userid and password at this point.
  3. Enter quote site filetype=jes : "quote" is being used here to send an arbitrary FTP command without any special syntax checking. Some FTP clients may use another syntax to achieve the same result. Depending on how the FTP client for your non-MVS system behaves, you may be able to just enter site filetype=jes.
  4. Enter put name of non-MVS file, naming the file on the non-MVS system which contains your JCL. The job should execute under the userid which you provided in step 2 above. The MVS FTP server returns messages similar to the following: Sending Job to JES Internal Reader. It is known to JES as JOB08473. Transfer completed successfully.
  5. Enter quit to exit ftp.

The FTP get command can be used in combination with filetype=jes to retrieve job output in held sysout classes; the FTP dir command can be used to display job status information. To make use of this feature, jobs must have names of the form useridx where userid was used to signon to the MVS FTP server.


On OS/390 V2R10 and up, if JES Interface Level 2 is selected, the above restriction on job names has been lifted.

For more information, refer to the TCP/IP for MVS: User's Guide which can be found in The OS/390 Internet Library


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