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Bypassing Selected Job Steps

One or more job steps can be bypassed by adding the following parameter to the EXEC statement for any job to be bypassed: COND=(0,LE) This specifies that the step will be bypassed if any return code value is greater than or equal to zero.

A job step or group of job steps can also be bypassed by adding the following statement before the first job step to be bypassed:

// IF RC <= 0 THEN and terminating the block with // ENDIF If the first step in a job is to be bypassed, execute an IEFBR14 step: // EXEC PGM=IEFBR14 as the first step in the job to provide an initial return code value.

Beginning with a Specific Job Step

The RESTART JOB parameter can be used to cause job execution to start with a specified job step. For example: //MYJOB JOB .... ,RESTART=STEP10.COPY .... //STEP10 EXEC IEBCOPY .... Execution will begin with STEP10. The procedure step is COPY in this example. The COND JOB parameter COND=(0,LE) could be specified to only execute the step specified on the RESTART parameter.


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