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zSeries File System

zFS is another type of OMVS file system that can be used which can be mounted into the file system tree. zFS is not a replacement for HFS; in particular, the root file system must be an HFS.

zFS Differences from HFS

Displaying zFS Information

The zfsadm lsfs command will display any active zFS: zfsadm lsfs IOEZ00129I Total of 1 file systems found for aggregate RW (Mounted R/W) 1147 K alloc 1147 K quota On-line Total file systems on-line 1; total off-line 0; total busy 0; total mounted 1 The zfsadm lsquota command displays space usage and quota for a zFS: zfsadm lsq -f Filesys Name Quota Used Percent Used Aggregate 6335 1147 18 19 = 1292/6480 (zFS) Quota refers to the current available space for a zFS file system.

Checking zFS Integrity

The IOEAGSLV program (the Salvager) can be used to verify zFS structural integrity. The zFS must not be in use; otherwise you will receive a message like "unable to open dataset". Refer to the publications below for parameter information.

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