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Big Iron Mail

SMTP is supported by the SMTP started task or by the sendmail daemon in the Unix System Services environment.

SMTP Started Task

SMTP can accept incoming mail via SMTP can deliver mail to For NJE output, SMTP checks if the userid exists and generates a SYSOUT with a destination of the form nodename.userid. Messages are stored in permanent datasets while awaiting forwarding to remote hosts or processing on the local host and then deleted when no longer needed.

For outgoing mail, IBM provides a basic client known as SMTPNOTE. For incoming mail, the TSO RECEIVE command can be used since messages send by NJE look like messages sent by the TSO XMIT command.

If you wish to use an Email gateway, rather than sending Email directly to each mail server, specify:

where ii.ii.ii.ii is the IP address of the mail gateway.

Sendmail Daemon

The sendmail daemon can accept input via TCPIP, usually port 25. He can deliver mail to: Refer to the "Bat Book" for information on configuring sendmail. (The "Bat Book" is the O'Reilly book on sendmail which has a flying fox, a kind of fruit bat, on its cover)

There are various mail clients available under Unix System Services such as "mail".


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