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SMP/E CSI Query Panel

Most system programmers have used SMP/E option 3.1, the CSI Query Panel, at one time or other. However, there are some less advertised features of this panel which can be useful.

If you don't fill in all the fields, here is what SMP/E will do:

You can select your GLOBAL zone, entry type MCS and the entry name of a SYSMOD to display the SMP/E PTF control statements (MCS). If you have chosen to use the compression feature for the SMPPTS, then SMP/E will automatically expand any inline elements.


With z/OS R3, you can specify a wild-card character in the entry name. So, you can now search for sysmod entries ending in A12345, for example. This could be used to determine if an APAR has been resolved in a given SMP/E target zone.


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