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System Maintenance

SMP/E is the standard tool used to apply maintenance to a z/OS system. It includes reporting facilities and an API for extracting information from the CSI (Consolidated Software Inventory) datasets. It also includes capabilities for flagging fixes that may introduce problems, identifying fixes which require special attention and identifying prerequisite maintenance required for fixes. Sometimes, third party vendors (and even IBM) do not make the best use of these facilities.

SMP/E includes ISPF panels which can be used to manage and track the installation of fixes, including constructing the necessary JCL.

IBM suggests that you do not apply maintenance to a running system. One consideration is that libraries under LLA control may not interact well with SMP/E. It is not a good idea to compress linklist libraries on the active system; if you run out of space while applying maintenance, then it can be difficult to continue. SMP/E ZAP processing includes an EXPAND function which invokes the linkage editor; however, ZAP will not see the relinked version of the module until LLA is refreshed.

See OE & SMP/E for considerations specific to the Unix System Services Environment and SMP/E Reports for information on extracting information from SMP/E.

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