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Advanced FTP

Besides connecting to remote hosts, you can FTP to the loopback address ( and use FTP to move files within the same system. Since CD and LCD support both HFS directories and MVS datasets, FTP can be be used to copy files to and from the HFS. Because FTP can treat a partitioned datasets as a directory, FTP can be used to copy members to and from a partitioned dataset.

The PROXY facility of FTP allows an FTP client to connect to a primary and secondary remote host and move files between them. You precede commands which involve the secondary host with PROXY:

MPUT and MGET allow multiple files matching a pattern to be transferred. You can specify whether or not a prompt occurs for each file matching the pattern.

If you set up an MVSURLKEY parameter on your FTP server, then you can retrieve MVS datasets using your web browser. The MVSURLKEY parameter for the FTP server specifies a value that can be specified in an FTP URL to specify that an MVS dataset name follows. If you do not permit anonymous logins to FTP, then you must provide userid/password information; the procedure can vary depending on which browser you are using.

See FTP Access to OS/390 for other useful functions supported by FTP.


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